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linux-postmarketos-qcom-sdm845: upgrade to 5.14rc6

Caleb Connolly requested to merge sdm845-mainline/pmaports:sdm845-5.14rc2 into master

This is a bit of a big upgrade, I'll try and summarise the changes below:

Kernel changes

  • Upgraded to 5.14-rc6 (ignnore the branch name 😅)
  • Kernel side support for ModemManager
  • Picked upcoming patch series for 5.15 + fixes, theoretically improving GPU perf (measuring about 30% in glxgears, should translate to some improvements in real work loads like emulators).
  • Updated patch series from lists
  • Enabled options needed to support WayDroid (network stuff maybe still missing???)
  • Fixes venus fw paths, firmware packages need to updated to support it but this will enable HW video decoding!
  • Avoid requirement that CONFIG_LOCALVERSION=$flavor by installing vmlinuz manually rather than through zinstall.

OnePlus 6 Changes

Bump Phosh scale factor to 3.0

The 2.5 scale factor was alright, but a bit small for my liking, some buttons were a bit hard to press. I posted a poll on Twitter and the general consensus was that scaling to 3.0 would generally be good as it would fix X window scaling, potentially improve performance [citation needed]. So lets try it out.

Poco F1 changes

The phosh scaling is set to 3 to avoid scaling issues in some apps and wallpaper.

The msm-modem-uim-selection package is needed for automatic modem setup when the MM 1.18 is released. This is not added as part of soc-qcom-sdm845 as it sometimes cause crash in op6 on boot. So let's keep it device specific for now.


Contains venus firmware for hw accelerated video encoding and decoding.

Also, ipa firmware is moved to beryllium folder as mbn format instead of mdt+bXX files.

The list of files in firmware.files is now file type-wise alphabetically sorted. Just for better readability.


Fix the feedbackd rule as the haptics modules has been renamed.

Although SDM845 doesn't really suspend well, MM needs suspend and resume support when the device attempts to suspend. Without which MM will crash and wont resume properly when a suspend action is triggered.

This MR CANNOT be merged until !2401 (merged) is, otherwise it will soft brick a bunch of users devices. Is there a way we could force postmarketOS-mkinitfs to be upgraded before the kernel if upgrades for both are available? -- Edit: the trigger doesn't run until after all packages have upgraded, so this is fine.

Cc: @sdm845-mainline @joelselvaraj

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