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WIP: MMS support

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This MR isn't intended to be merged.

It's created to be a beacon for pmOS users to test and validate MMS emission and reception until all projects are updated upstream.

Big thanks to @kop316, @sadiq and to everyone else working on making MMS a reality on Linux.

Here are the latest apk and install instructions to test MMS with mmsd and Chatty native support:

(updated: 2021-12-10)

  • Install mmsd-tng from edge:
apk add mmsd-tng
  • Install apk from this MR:
mkdir sms_apk

wget -P sms_apk/

apk add sms_apk/* --allow-untrusted
  • Reboot your phone

  • Edit/review MMS URL, APN and Proxy values in Chatty ( Option Menu > Preferences > SMS and MMS Settings)

  • Reboot your phone if you made any changes

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