device-pine64-pinephone: fix headphones jack detection

PinePhone can detect when a headset or headphones is plugged in or removed. This patch fixes the detection for headphones by dropping an unnecessary kernel patch and fixing the UCM configs. When plugged in, the audio output is directed to the headphones while the internal mic is still used as audio input. Headset behavior is not changed, when a headset is plugged in, audio input and output is directed to the headset.

For PineTab owners: I checked my PineTab for the UCM jack events, but they aren't emitted. Once support is available in the kernel, we can apply this as well to the PineTab.

I also added myself as a co-maintainer for the PinePhone as I contribute a lot to the PinePhone and I have several PinePhones now.

Fixes #1032 (closed)

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