In Database Lab 0.2.0, all the components now run in containers. To start using Database Lab is now only needed to install Docker and ZFS, everything else is inside containers. Customer PostgreSQL containers are supported.


  • All components of Database Lab server now run on Docker containers.
  • Support custom Postgres containers.
  • Ability to customize Postgres user used for management (postgres is default).
  • Verification token flag changed from "-v" to "-t".
  • Internal: use constants for response errors.
  • Various improvements of the snapshotting script.


  • Synchronous mode for clone methods (now default).
  • Parameter name fully removed
  • Parameter id can now be set by user (optionally).
  • Internal: added Metadata to Clone model.

Client CLI

  • Output improved.
  • Show "unchanged" message in "config update" command if params match the current config.
  • Added client installation script.


  • Added Swagger specification.
  • Added Postman collection.
  • Updated README.
  • Tutorial fully reworked.
  • New pages/sections in the docs: Overview, Workflow, Requirements, CLI Reference, Q&A.
  • Added "ci-example" repository.


  • Build and push Docker images to Docker Hub and Gitlab Registry.
  • Build and upload binaries for linux, alpine, darwin to GitLab.