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Update dependency FakeItEasy to v8

Alessio Parma requested to merge renovate/fakeiteasy-8.x into main

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Change Age Adoption Passing Confidence
FakeItEasy (source) 7.4.0 -> 8.0.0 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes

FakeItEasy/FakeItEasy (FakeItEasy)


Compare Source

  • Upgrade Castle.Core to 5.1.1 (#​1925)

  • Match enumerable arguments by comparing contents rather than via Equals (#​1960)

    This is technically a change, but it's pretty unlikely that anyone was relying on the old behavior. Only if someone were passing an enumerable to a call specification and either

    • relying on the reference equality to fail, or
    • the argument's type has overridden Equals with an implementation that does not compare the sequence item-by-item as we propose to do

    would it be an unwelcome surprise.

  • net5.0 target framework assembly (#​1936)
  • net6.0 target framework assembly (#​1936)
  • Registry of argument comparers (#​1952, #​1961) Discoverable argument comparers can be implemented by deriving from ArgumentEqualityComparer<T> or implementing IArgumentEqualityComparer. Learn more at Custom Argument Equality.
  • Match enumerable arguments by comparing contents rather than via Equals (#​1960)
  • Failure to create fake via constructor with in parameter (#​1948)
  • Nesting or compounding An-built constraints throws wrong exception (#​1966)
Additional Items
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