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Update dependency NUnit.Analyzers to v3.9.0

Alessio Parma requested to merge renovate/nunit.analyzers-3.x into main

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NUnit.Analyzers 3.8.0 -> 3.9.0 age adoption passing confidence

Release Notes

nunit/nunit.analyzers (NUnit.Analyzers)

v3.9.0: NUnit Analyzers 3.9 (and 2.9)

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NUnit Analyzers 3.9 (and 2.9) - October 27, 2023

This release contains bugfixes to NUnit2045 - Use Assert.Multiple - and NUnit1032 - An IDisposable field/property should be Disposed in a TearDown method - and corrects a StackOverflowException when tests calls methods recursively.

The release contains contributions from the following users (in alphabetical order):

Issues Resolved


  • #​614 NUnit2045 does not respect lambda captures
  • #​607 NUnit1032 false positive when test class is static
  • #​602 Bug: StackOverflowException when test calls recursive method in 3.7.


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