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    Merge branch 'nd/repack-keep-pack' · 30b015bf
    Junio C Hamano authored
    "git gc" in a large repository takes a lot of time as it considers
    to repack all objects into one pack by default.  The command has
    been taught to pretend as if the largest existing packfile is
    marked with ".keep" so that it is left untouched while objects in
    other packs and loose ones are repacked.
    * nd/repack-keep-pack:
      pack-objects: show some progress when counting kept objects
      gc --auto: exclude base pack if not enough mem to "repack -ad"
      gc: handle a corner case in gc.bigPackThreshold
      gc: add gc.bigPackThreshold config
      gc: add --keep-largest-pack option
      repack: add --keep-pack option
      t7700: have closing quote of a test at the beginning of line
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