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    diff: handle --no-abbrev in no-index case · 43d1948b
    Jack Bates authored
    There are two different places where the --no-abbrev option is parsed,
    and two different places where SHA-1s are abbreviated. We normally parse
    --no-abbrev with setup_revisions(), but in the no-index case, "git diff"
    calls diff_opt_parse() directly, and diff_opt_parse() didn't handle
    --no-abbrev until now. (It did handle --abbrev, however.) We normally
    abbreviate SHA-1s with find_unique_abbrev(), but commit 4f03666a ("diff:
    handle sha1 abbreviations outside of repository, 2016-10-20) recently
    introduced a special case when you run "git diff" outside of a
    setup_revisions() does also call diff_opt_parse(), but not for --abbrev
    or --no-abbrev, which it handles itself. setup_revisions() sets
    rev_info->abbrev, and later copies that to diff_options->abbrev. It
    handles --no-abbrev by setting abbrev to zero. (This change doesn't
    touch that.)
    Setting abbrev to zero was broken in the outside-of-a-repository special
    case, which until now resulted in a truly zero-length SHA-1, rather than
    taking zero to mean do not abbreviate. The only way to trigger this bug,
    however, was by running "git diff --raw" without either the --abbrev or
    --no-abbrev options, because 1) without --raw it doesn't respect abbrev
    (which is bizarre, but has been that way forever), 2) we silently clamp
    --abbrev=0 to MINIMUM_ABBREV, and 3) --no-abbrev wasn't handled until
    The outside-of-a-repository case is one of three no-index cases. The
    other two are when one of the files you're comparing is outside of the
    repository you're in, and the --no-index option.
    Signed-off-by: Jack Bates's avatarJack Bates <jack@nottheoilrig.com>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJunio C Hamano <gitster@pobox.com>
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