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    Merge branch 'jk/date-local' · 7b09c459
    Junio C Hamano authored
    "git log --date=local" used to only show the normal (default)
    format in the local timezone.  The command learned to take 'local'
    as an instruction to use the local timezone with other formats,
    e.g. "git show --date=rfc-local".
    * jk/date-local:
      t6300: add tests for "-local" date formats
      t6300: make UTC and local dates different
      date: make "local" orthogonal to date format
      date: check for "local" before anything else
      t6300: add test for "raw" date format
      t6300: introduce test_date() helper
      fast-import: switch crash-report date to iso8601
      Documentation/rev-list: don't list date formats
      Documentation/git-for-each-ref: don't list date formats
      Documentation/config: don't list date formats
      Documentation/blame-options: don't list date formats
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