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    Merge branch 'nd/diff-apply-ita' · ac997db0
    Junio C Hamano authored
    "git diff" compares the index and the working tree.  For paths
    added with intent-to-add bit, the command shows the full contents
    of them as added, but the paths themselves were not marked as new
    files.  They are now shown as new by default.
    "git apply" learned the "--intent-to-add" option so that an
    otherwise working-tree-only application of a patch will add new
    paths to the index marked with the "intent-to-add" bit.
    * nd/diff-apply-ita:
      apply: add --intent-to-add
      t2203: add a test about "diff HEAD" case
      diff: turn --ita-invisible-in-index on by default
      diff: ignore --ita-[in]visible-in-index when diffing worktree-to-tree
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