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Lugaru: Empire

"Lugaru: Empire" is an unofficial expansion pack released for "Lugaru: The
Rabbit's Foot".

Lugaru: Empire includes:

- 41 maps (including repeats and dialogues)
- 104 rabbits and 22 wolves to defeat (including elite and "boss" enemies)
- 2 different player characters


An unstoppable Assassin...  A heroic freedom fighter...
The island of Lugaru is embroiled in civil war.  Led by the freedom fighter
Lucius, the rebels have been fighting a losing battle to throw off the Imperial
yoke.  And now it seems the Emperor has unleashed a new weapon upon the rebel
forces... one which may lead to the destruction of all who inhabit the island...


Frame rate warning: There are a few levels where the frame-rate gets down to
the low 20s.  This still works decently on my computer, but I'm guessing this
won't be the case for everybody.  There are 3 fighting levels with horrible
frame rates.  If this is a serious problem, the following changes might help a
- Lower the "viewdistance".  In the console, type "viewdistance .7" to reduce
the distance you can see by 30 percent.
- Turn off the sky box.  In the console, type "skybox".


I would like to give a BIG thank you to Silb, for without his answering my
constant questions I would never have been able to finish this campaign.  I was
only able to create it by looking at what he had pioneered.
PM me on the Wolfire boards with any questions.  Otherwise, enjoy!