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Other Labels

  • WGLC
    IETF working group last call issue
    openpgp-wg / rfc4880bis
  • design-team-decline
    The design team reviewed this issue, and declined to work on it for the crypto refresh
    openpgp-wg / rfc4880bis
  • nice-to-have
    This could be in-charter, but the DT does not think we should block the release on it.
    openpgp-wg / rfc4880bis
  • non-substantive
    editorial, grammar, spelling, or formatting cleanup that makes no substantive change in the meaning of the draft
    openpgp-wg / rfc4880bis
  • test vector
    Indicates the need for a test vector in the draft.
    openpgp-wg / rfc4880bis
  • unchartered
    Use to flag issues that don't appear to fall under the WG's [narrow charter](
    openpgp-wg / rfc4880bis