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WIP: Add new remote-sync plugin

Tomas Groth requested to merge tgc-dk/openlp:remote-sync into master

This implementation aims to support synchronizing songs, custom slides and services files, though only songs are currently supported.

The idea is to define a "framework" where it will relatively easy to add new backends. Currently there is one (mostly) working backend, which uses a simple folder structure (the folder could be placed in dropbox or SMB/NFS share). An untested backend that uses FTP is a simple extension of the folder based backend.

The main files to look at are: openlp/plugins/remotesync/ openlp/plugins/remotesync/lib/backends/ openlp/plugins/remotesync/lib/backends/

There are many todos:

  • Use Path Objects
  • Implement sync of custom slides
  • Implement sync services
  • Implement handling of detected conflicts.

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