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Spring Boot 3 Migration

Thomas Darimont requested to merge update-spring-boot-3 into master

This MR attempts to upgrade the conformance suite to Spring Boot 3 with minimal code changes to compensate for API changes (deprecation/removal).

  • #1327 (closed) Updated to Spring Boot 3.2.7
  • Removed mitre openid-connect-client library
  • Adapted code to reflect javax -> jakarta package move
  • Migrate to Spring Boot OAuth2 Client and Resource Server support
  • Migrate to Apache Http Client 5.x (as it is required by Spring 6.x)
  • Adapt usage of Spring Data Repositories (need to explicitly import CrudRepository)
  • Adjusted Gitlab and Google IdP configuration to Spring Security defaults:
  • New redirect URI for Gitlab IdP {baseUrl}/login/oauth2/code/gitlab
  • New redirect URI for Google IdP {baseUrl}/login/oauth2/code/google
  • Removed deprecated WebFinger login capability
  • #1328 (closed) Reworked admin role inference based on Gitlab Project role, see oidc.gitlab.admin-group-indicator-claims in

All tests pass

Fixes: #1327 (closed) #1328 (closed)

Signed-off-by: Thomas Darimont

Edited by Thomas Darimont

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