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Re-shape nano-convertor-plate to fit a Raspberry Pi Pico as an option, update electronics drawer for Sangaboard v0.5

William Wadsworth requested to merge nano-pico-convertor-plate into master

New/future Sangaboard firmware will work on Arduino (Arduino Nano) or Raspberry Pi Pico. This merge request alters the nano-convertor plate adds section that can be removed to accommodate a Raspberry Pi Pico board.

  • Check fit of Pico and Arduino boards to the USB hole in the electronics tray
  • Check clearance between pins of a Pico and the nearest motor controller board

Extra scope added 10/01/2022

There were issues with installing the Sangaboard HAT where the drawer mounting nut gets in the way, as noted in #288 (closed). This is now addressed here.

Also the Sangaboard v0.4 HAT was designed for 8.5mm high headers to the Pi, the batch of Sangaboard v0.5-beta2 boards have 11mm high Pi headers. Versions for 8.5mm or 11mm headers are now addressed here.

Removing a Pi is difficult because the ports fit closely. It is made harder by the bumps/pins on the pi standoffs, as noted in #256 (closed). This is addressed by removing the bumps. The pi is still held firmly by the two screws and the fit around the ports.

The microscope stand cutout is made taller on the HDMI port side to allow access to the ports of the Sangaboard v0.3

Closes #288 (closed) Closes #256 (closed)

Edited by William Wadsworth

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