Lens spacers for C270 and Arducam B0196 and parameterise camera platform height

William Wadsworth requested to merge C270_and_Arducam_webcam_lens_spacer into master

This draft merge request is to add low-cost options for USB cameras:

  • Logitech C270
  • Arducam UVC compliant USB camera B0196 (8MP Sony IMX219 sensor like the Pi Camera 2)

Parts needed for each:

  • lens spacer
  • camera platform

The Logitech C270 camera board is very long. It will need to be rotated 45 degrees compared to the standard camera orientation in order to fit between the x-y stage legs.

Some of #255 (closed)

Additionally this MR adds a function to undercut the camera platform on the build plate, which is also useful in !316 (merged). !316 (merged) merges first, then we can update this branch and add undercut in the new /libs/upright_illumination.scad

  • add // Undercut on build plate , undercut_objective_fitting_wedge(undercut_height=1.5); in the last difference in module upright_condenser_platform_separate

Additionally this MR closes #289 by adjusting the parameterisation of the camera platform height.

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