Fixes from the previous two betas, plus improved documentation.

v2.10.0 (2021-08-11)

Documentation improvements

  • Many improvements to the generated OpenAPI documentation, resulting in it now validating. (!133)
  • Added a user guide and fixed readthedocs. Linked to the API documentation, and store it on the build server with releases. (!140)

Developer changes

  • The web app is now in a top-level directory (!122)
  • OpenAPI descriptions are now easier to download from a merge request. (!139)

Minor bug fixes and improvements

  • Removed vestigial error handling code that is now dealt with by LabThings. (!137)
  • taskSubmitter buttons in the web app now handle errors more robustly. This fixes a bug where the progress bar would spin indefinitely. (!138)
  • Smart stack controls now only appear if the plugin is installed. (!142)
  • Javascript dependencies are updated for security. (!141)