[BIZ-1644] Add 'Client Brief' post procedure.

Merged Fox Piacenti requested to merge fox/BIZ-1644-client-info-dissimination into master

This PR adds a 'client brief' procedure

JIRA tickets: https://tasks.opencraft.com/browse/BIZ-1644

Discussions: https://forum.opencraft.com/t/method-for-keeping-track-of-customer-relations/831/4

Author notes and concerns:

  1. I've written that the task of consolidation should be 'At least every other sprint' rather than 'every sprint' because every sprint felt like it might be too often. However I don't think our current checklist has a way to do 'ever other sprint' so this may be 'every sprint' in practice.
  2. Is there anything else which should be in the client brief?


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