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    refactor: revamp accounting serv. to work locally · 0e5f53a3
    Boros Gábor authored
    fix: update lock file and pin setuptools in Dockerfile
    refactor: use unique container names
    build: refactor docker image build and update python dependencies
    refactor: add asgi config
    refactor: update urls to respect new django namespace requirements
    chore: bump requirements
    refactor: replace uvicorn as asgi supported in django 3
    fix: serving static files when debug is true
    refactor: replace environment files
    feat: add docker ignore
    remove: delete non-docker devenv related files
    fix: add missing migrations
    remove: unused asgi
    refactor: ensure settings are referencing new env files
    fix: update django translations
    refactor: update coveragerc settings
    refactor: update Makefiles
    refactor: merge configuration files
    build: refactor the way docker images built
    fix: add and update dependencies
    remove: delete prospector config as it is not used anymore
    refactor: fix naming issues
    chore: update copyright dates
    tests: add pre-commit configuration
    chore: adjust black ...
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