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fixes ISSUE-47093: Remove guava usage from backoffice java code

  • InitialSetupUtility
    • Stop using Charsets.UTF_8 constants from guava library. Instead use standard java StandardCharsets class
    • Simplify reading file by using Files.ReadString(Path,Charset) directly avoid the intermediate byte[]
  • CrossOrganizationReference
    • Use standard Collections.reverse method instead of guava Lists.reverse Note that JDK function modify the argument in place instead of returning a 'reversed' view. However with that usage here (cleanup after unit-tests & .clear()-ing the list just afterwards no need to clone the list.
  • AllowedOrganizationTest
    • Change away from guava ImmutableMap.builder() replace it by standard java
      • Map.Of(Key,Value,Key,Value, ...) for the simple case
      • Map.ofEntries for the slightly more complex case.

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Edited by Stefan Huehner

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