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[RM-12639] Fixed ISSUE-53218: Infrastructure to have 2 different scanning handlers for CRM connector

Justin Patterson requested to merge openbravo/devel/openbravo:fr/53218 into master


  • Added new columns crmscanhandler and scancodeproperty to table extbp_config_filter
  • Added new fields to the Filter tab of the CRM Configuration window which allow selection of primary or secondary scan event handlers and selection of a default property for scanned data
  • Added a moduleScript to set default values in new columns
  • Added SQL checks and data validations

New Fields

Screenshot_from_2024-04-10_16-32-39 Screenshot_from_2024-04-10_16-32-30 Screenshot_from_2024-04-10_16-30-04

Functional Result

Screenshot_from_2024-04-05_09-03-14 Screenshot_from_2024-04-05_09-04-07 Screenshot_from_2024-04-05_09-03-28 Screenshot_from_2024-04-05_09-03-39


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