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Make WalkToMobActions work more authentically

Yumeko Margatroid requested to merge YumekoMakai/core:walktomob into develop
  • Change configs and actions back to 1 tile distance, but now the server will check the next movement tile, not the current tile, for WalkToMob actions. This is the actual behaviour in RSC, meaning catching is slightly ahead, but not with as big a radius as we have presently.
  • Make WalkToMob actions (aside from projectile-based ones) ignore diagonal blocking checks, other than actual diagonal walls. As far as I can tell, this is how it would work authentically as well.
  • Make NPCs always check one tile ahead in the same fashion. NPCs still only aggro based on their current position (so actually 1 tile), but while chasing, they have slightly extended range.
  • Remove canReach checks from WalkToMob actions. As far as I can tell, this wasn't actually done in real RSC, and the check doesn't work very well from my testing.
  • Adjust following, so it always runs at least once, and block moving into the NPC if the radius is more than 0. (Closes #3443 (closed) - you will move towards the NPC if you are adjacent around an obstacle).
  • Make facing only send a change required update packet if the sprite actually changes.
  • Make batching allow a 1 tile wiggle room on the first batch, where it will adjust the batch location to be where the final destination should be. This resolves the issue where batching could not support starting a batch while still walking, which is necessary now for thieving.

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