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Make Fishing Rates Authentic

Logg requested to merge (removed):skilling-rates-change into develop

A lot of work has gone into this PR. This PR rewrites the majority of the Fishing plugin. I have compiled data from all sources possible, and after comparing bot screenshots and RSC+ data, I can confirm that the OSRS fishing rates are mostly the same as they were in RSC.

The rates are not just blindly copied from OSRS.
I compared it with RSC data from:

  • 16459 shrimp/anchovy attempts
  • 36609 shark fishing attempts
  • 38672 lobster fishing attempts
  • 10942 trout/salmon attempts

In each of these cases, the OSRS data matches the RSC data. A new skilling success formula was needed in Open RSC, to match the one used in OSRS (consequently, we know it's the one in RSC, since the rates match, for other skills too like woodcutting). Unfortunately there is no great source of tuna/swordfish data (only about 300 attempts in replay iirc), so the OSRS rates are used, which is pretty safe considering all the rates that are known to be the same.

However, Big Net Fishing got a Big Rewrite, and the rates are actually different from OSRS. The Big Net fishing rates are based on 44512 big net fishing attempts collected by Luis. Big Net Fishing was buffed roughly 25% in RS2, and caskets drop 3x as often too. However, the "2 mackerels in one attempt" behaviour of the roll can be seen in RSC+ replays, so the 9 roll system implemented in this PR is based on OSRS data revealed in a tweet by a certain prolific Jmod.

A new developer command is also added in this PR, to test the new fishing rates. Type ::fishingrate [fishing spot name] [level] (trials) and you can generate test trials of fishing at a certain spot at a certain level a certain amount of times.

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