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    Update Red Hat Copyright Notices · 712fe24c
    Laszlo Ersek authored
    We've been advised to state Red Hat's Copyright as
      Copyright Red Hat
    In order to collect our current copyright notices, I've used the following
    "loose options" for git-grep (bash syntax):
      loose_options=(-i -e copyright --and -e 'red.?hat')
    Namely, the command
      git grep -h "${loose_options[@]}"
    produces 464 matches (lines) in libnbd @ d169661119f6, and 861 matches
    (lines) in nbdkit @ e36cfb6f
    Lest we replace strings too broadly, define the "strict pattern" as
    follows (note that we assume LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8):
      year_range_list="$year_range(, $year_range)*"
      year_range_list_opt="( $year_range_list)?"
      company='Red Hat,? Inc\.'
      strict_pattern="[Cc]opyright $c_sym$year_range_list_opt $company"
    The command
      git grep -h "${loose_options[@]}" \
      | grep -E -v -- "$strict_pattern"
    produces zero lines in each of nbdkit and libnbd, meaning that the "strict
    pattern" covers all matches from the "loose options".
    Assuming that our filenames do not contain newline characters, replace the
    copyright notices with the following command:
      git grep -l "${loose_options[@]}" \
      | sponge \
      | tr '\n' '\0' \
      | xargs -0 -r -- sed -i -E -e "s/$strict_pattern/Copyright Red Hat/" --
    The resultant diffstat in each project shows that all notices have been
    replaced (note that some files contain multiple notices, therefore the
    number of files modified is less than the number of lines modified).
    Signed-off-by: default avatarLaszlo Ersek <>