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    Fix mkdtemp() random signedness · 9b965fac
    Eike Rathke authored
    time_t return of time() may be signed 32-bit and in that case
    probably will roll over in the year 2038 and yield a negative
    value; signedness was propagated in the XOR operation to the
    'value' and then 'v' variables. The 'v % 62' operation then would
    had resulted in a negative value and LETTER[v%62] would had
    accessed an arbitrary data location.
    The same could had happened if the static long 'value' variable
    after a very long run time contained a sufficiently large value to
    which the time^pid value added resulted in a wrap / roll-over to a
    negative value.
    Using unsigned long types for 'value' and 'v' and casting time_t
    to unsigned long cures all this.
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