• Reverted back to the older JFDuke3D-based netcode (mmulti.c), the RancidMeat netcode wasn't as reliable as I had hoped.
  • Made adjustments to mmulti.c to make it possible for the host to see when players connect.
  • Made adjustments to the "waiting for players" code to prevent "not responding" while waiting for everyone to connect.
  • The console prints when someone changes their name, this makes it easier to track who's who if they change their name a lot.
  • Fixed jittering in sprites moving on a SE31 floor.
  • Fixed sounds not playing when you teleport, if you teleported in from far away.
  • Backported support for EVENT_SOUND. This allows replacing sounds on the fly, useful for overriding hardcoded sound effects.

EDIT: Had to release a hotfix for floating corpses. Fixed now.