• 64-bit Linux support! (The binary is the extensionless "eduke32-oldmp" file)
  • Fixed ANGRANGE/ZRANGE behavior with non-power-of-two angle values.
  • Fixed friendly fire immunity behavior with friendly fire off. Blocked friendly damage does not stack onto the next enemy attack, and you can self-damage with friendly fire off now.
  • Made it so Duke will not auto-stomp shrunken teammates in Cooperative and Team Dukematch.
  • Included a matchmaker for Discord. See the included readme.txt file.

Video demonstration of the matchmaker:


  • If you have an issue with the Discord matchmaker, post about it here:
  • The matchmaker ONLY works with the DESKTOP versions of Discord. Not browser-based, mobile, or betterdiscord versions.
  • You MUST have "Display currently running game as a status message" enabled in Discord, or else you cannot host matches!

Known issue: Sometimes you can't join games on windows 7, but can host without issue, and vice/versa. This is a bug with the Discord RPC. If you have the bug, post here: