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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.
  • High Priority
    This issue has significant impact; it would be ideal to work on this issue before items of lesser priority
  • Enhancement
    New feature or request
  • Good First Issue
    Task that would be good for newcomers to tackle, as a bite-sized amount of work to start getting familiar with the codebase
  • Other labels

  • Epic
    This issue is a larger plan item, but too small to be an ADR on its own. It will likely have other issues representing pieces of work toward this final goal, rather than needing work to be done on it directly
  • Low Priority
    This issue does not have significant impact; it would be ideal to work on issues with higher priority before this one
  • Needs Research
    An idea that is not fully-fleshed-out yet. You can help by adding comments to the issue that link to documentation/answers to the questions cited in the issue body.