Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • Bug
  • Debian Issue
    This issue lies with a Debian package
  • Doing
    Somebody has actively started working on this issue.
    Mobian / Mobian Issues
  • Feature Request
    Request for a new feature
  • Feature request
    Mobian / Mobian Issues
  • Good First Issue
    A relatively simple but impactful issue for someone to start on
  • Needs Diagnosis
    We are currently unsure what causes or is reponsible for this issue
  • Packaging
    Bug with the packaging of a copmonent.
  • Requires Testing
    A fix or partial fix is ready, but requires testing.
  • Security
  • Statuswaiting for upstream
    This bug will be fixed in the next upstream release
  • Updates
  • bug
    This issue contains a bug, ie something is not working as intended.
    Mobian / Mobian Issues
  • difficultycomplex
  • difficultyeasy
  • difficultymedium
  • duplicate
    This is a duplicate of another issue
    Mobian / Mobian Issues
  • needs info
    This issue needs information or logs in order to progess.
    Mobian / Mobian Issues
  • not reproducible
    Mobian / Mobian Issues
  • patch
    This is an issue that contains a merge request (or patch) to fix it.
    Mobian / Mobian Issues