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Fix/url hashtag count #2361

Ben requested to merge fix/url-hashtag-count into master


Closes #2361 (closed)

** note this MR includes the new installer changes, wait for that before merge **

Added in a check for whether the matching tag is located in a URL.

Steps to Test

This one is a bit more "get in there and try your best to break it" in terms of testing, but that said, to get a foot in the door:

  1. Go on the site, make a post with 5 hashtags; try to trip the Regex up and make some invalid tags to see how it responds to the max count.
  2. Try a URL with a hashtag in.
  3. Check the hashtags links go through to the correct place.
  4. Try to use the hashtag selector to bypass the limit
  5. Ensure when you add a tag it shows up in the selector

Estimated Regression Scope

This change could affect the poster in different environments, it could perhaps trigger something that should still not be a hashtag as a hashtag

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