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Other Labels

    MaXX GPES MaXX General Purpose Execution Service, or GPES for short, is a high performance tasks execution service that takes its inspiration from High Performance Computing (HPC) system.
    MaXX Interactive Desktop
  • MaXX Links
    High performance Message driven framework for inner and inter process communications
    MaXX Interactive Desktop
  • MaXX Settings
    MaXX Settings is a dynamic configuration management subsystem designed from the ground up with simplicity in mind while not sacrificing flexibility and extensibility.
    MaXX Interactive Desktop
  • MaXX ViewKlass
    MaXX ViewKlass is MaXX Interactive's SGI IRIS ViewKit compatible C++ Xt/Motif development framework implementation. MaXX ViewKlass is a fork from ViewKlass (many years ago) which features enhancements for supporting modern Desktop and Window Manager interactions.
    MaXX Interactive Desktop
  • MaXX Vue
    MaXX Vue is a collection of modern C++ extensions to MaXX ViewKlass, a SGI ViewKit compatible implementation.
    MaXX Interactive Desktop