Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v1.8.0
    f015530b · Bump version to v1.8.0 ·

    Summary of changes:

    • Fixed dark text in branch page (Thanks, @azzamsa!)
    • Fixed table in README
    • Removed redundant gitlab.com domain rule (Thanks, @adduc!)
    • Various fixes to merge request details page
  • v1.7.0
    573f9489 · Bump version to v1.7.0 ·

    Summary of changes:

    • Updated branch tags visibility (Thanks, @esse!)
    • Fixed author name on details page (Thanks, @panther7!)
    • Improve text color in description on projects page (Thanks, @cprimozic!)
    • Styled border-color in pipeline on Merge Requests page
    • Styled skipped and cancelled build badges on Jobs page
    • Fix of background of deployment pipeline on merge requests page
  • v1.6.1
    8a593dd1 · Bump version to v1.6.1 ·

    Summary of changes:

    • Fixed dark text and bright border of headers in issue reply
    • Fixed dark text on Projects page
  • v1.6.0
    80b8f6c5 · Bump version to v1.6.0 ·

    Summary of changes:

    • Added http url-prefix to moz-document rules
    • Fixed all three tabs on Pipeline details page
    • Styled table border on Jobs page
    • Styled discussions resolved button on MR details page
    • Fixed border in issue discussions
  • v1.5.0
    1b57bd79 · Bump version to v1.5.0 ·

    Summary of changes:

    • Various fixes to the appearance of main project pages
    • Fixes to the appearance of the content of README
    • Fixed background and border of username popup at the top of issue description
    • Various fixes for the content of help
    • Various fixes to the issue reply compose and preview areas
    • Styled areas of showing/handling messages in threaded discussions (e.g. replying and collapsing)
    • Styled elements of the text field for setting status on Edit profile page
    • Various fixes to docs.gitlab.com
  • v1.4.1
    00edce1d · Bump version to v1.4.1 ·
    • Styled background on the page Active Sessions
    • Fixed white background of header on commit details and compare pages
  • v1.4.0
    c37acdbd · Bump version to v1.4.0 ·

    Summary of changes:

    • Styled borders in issue replies according to new design
    • Various fixes in issue replies
    • Fixed white background in tables on docs.gitlab.com
    • Various fixes and changes in merge request page, "Changes" tab
  • v1.3
    9d16676e · Bump version to v1.3.0 ·

    Summary of changes:

    • Various fixes in the sidebar and file viewer of Web IDE
    • Fixes of the header text and tabs on the Pipelines page (also fixes the tabs on the sign in page)
    • Fixed the table on the Pipelines page in mobile view
    • Fixed the drop downs and search input field on the top navbar
    • Fixes to the Projects page
    • Fixes to issue replies
    • Fixes to the merge request page
    • Other minor fixes
  • v1.2
    798f09bf · Bump version to v1.2.0 ·

    Summary of changes:

    • Various fixes on new merge request page
    • Various fixes on job details page
    • Styled background of added text in issue title changes
    • Styled new file page
    • Styled close button on modals
    • Styled emoji menu and button under issues
    • Styled message box and table text in (Pipeline) Schedules
  • v1.1
    57792f92 · Bump version to v1.1.0 ·

    Styled Issue Boards page

  • v1.0
    ff4d3103 · Removed 'WIP' from README ·

    Summary of changes since v0.10:

    • Various fixes on merge request details page
    • Removed lighter background for .mr-source-target on merge request
    • Various fixes in the list of groups
    • Styled colours of button icons on Commits page
    • Styled checkbox label and description on new blank project page
    • Styled redesigned elements at top of the project main page
    • Styled dropdown menu text for repo access type and notification buttons
  • v0.10
    ad7a0efa · Bump version to v0.10.0 ·

    Summary of changes:

    • Fixed border colour in commit details
    • Changed the background of mentioned usernames (prefixed with @) in issue replies
    • Fixed bright border and background in 'cards' such as Protect a tag in Repository settings
    • Styled Related issues block under OP in issue details
    • Styled alternating and selected row(s) in Find File
    • Changed colour of drag handle divider in Web IDE
    • Fixed upload button colour in the left sidebar in Web IDE
    • Fixed background, border, and text colour in the left sidebar in Web IDE
  • v0.9.1
    ff98a5a9 · Bump version to v0.9.1 ·

    Various minor fixes (thanks @ylluminarious)

  • v0.9
    89aa73c9 · Bump version to v0.9 ·

    Summary of changes:

    • Styled Web IDE
    • Styled GitLab Docs
    • Styled list of milestones and milestones details
    • Changed selector for border in project list popup (accessible from the navbar)
    • Changed background of active tab button on Sign in page
  • v0.8
    282e922f · Bump version to v0.8.0 ·

    Improvements since v0.7:

    • Changed border colour in merge request list, and issue details (reactions)
    • Changed border colour in issue list, issue replies and activity page
    • Use variables for specifying the colours of disabled buttons
    • Removed unnecessary important rule
    • Styled disabled pagination button under list of issues
    • Styled most of job details page
    • Styled Jobs (CI/CD) page
    • Use variable for btn background colour
    • Styled Pipelines page
  • v0.7
    612a368e · Bump version to v0.7.0 ·

    Improvements since v0.6:

    • Styled voting div under snippets (thanks @unlogic)
    • Styled merge request page (thanks @unlogic)
    • Styled CI/CD Settings page
    • Styled Project Members page
    • Styled New Project Page
    • Use variables to various frequently used colours
  • v0.6
    4bf0fcc5 · Bump version to 0.6.0 ·

    Improvements since 0.5.1:

    • Styled General Settings [of repository] page
    • Styled Repository Settings page
    • Styled commit description and expand button in commit list
    • Styled quick action popup that appears while editing an issue/comment
  • v0.5.1
    a3580b27 · Bump version to 0.5.1 ·

    Improvements since v0.5:

    • Styled focussed search field on top navbar
    • Styled number of issues and merge requests shown on the left sidebar
  • v0.5
    22639951 · Bump version to 0.5.0 ·

    Improvements since v0.4:

    • Styled inline code
    • Styled list items in issue comments
    • Styled border of images inserted in issues and comments
    • Styled border of project avatar in various places (so it should look good not only on the sidebar but everywhere else)
    • Styled label list page
    • Styled quick actions in issue/comment preview
    • Styled background of message above release notes editor (for tags)
    • Styled disabled comment section (appears when viewing an issue while not signed in)
  • v0.4
    c5eb7930 · Bump version to v0.4.0 ·

    Improvements since v0.3.2:

    • Styled items in todo list
    • Fixed search dropdown title in EE
    • Mobile: Styled edges of nav area on activity page
    • Styled sign in page
    • Styled targeted issue comments (accessable through permalinks)
    • Changed border and background colour of project avatar
    • Styled page for authorization of external websites/applications to access GitLab account