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graveyard and dungeon upgrades

Trilbyspaceclone requested to merge (removed):dungeon_tweaks into master

All upgrades are given to the dungeon/graveyard itself rather then the player so they cant just buy the dungeon/graveyard and then throw it away after getting the power ups

Adds 3 Upgrades when getting a dungeon that revolve around the dungeon building:

  • Modular Dungeon - Lowers cost of space by 10 allows 5 more bodies, 4 more tapestries and 15 more bones
  • Dungeon Catacomb - Allows 4 more tapestries, 4 more skulls, 2 more urns and 20 more bones
  • Dungeon Treasure Room - 4 even more tapestries, 400 more max gold storage, 5 more inventory slots, 5 more glassware (for storing herbs and dusts) and 10 more max gems

Adds 3 Upgrades when getting a graveyard that revolve around the graveyard building:

  • Graveyard Columbarium - 2 More urns, 2 more glasswares
  • Graveyard Landscaping - 2 more max spiritlore, 0.5 more spiritlore rate, 0.01 soul rate and 5 more max souls
  • Graveyard Soul Bonding (If evil!) - 2 more max spiritlore, 1 more spiritlore rate, 0.01 soul rate and 15 more max souls

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