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    Enable puma by default in GDK · b7ea4bd8
    Qingyu Zhao authored
    Two changes:
    1. Move bin/web to bin/web_unicorn(removed PUMA switching logic)
    Introduce new shadow script bin/web. Now we have 3 scripts working
    together: bin/web, bin/web_puma, bin/web_unicorn
      In bin/web, it checks ENV['USE_WEB_SERVER']:
        - if value is 'puma' or value is not set, call bin/web_puma
        - if value is 'unicorn', call bin/web_unicorn
        - report error if other values given
    2. Gitlab rails allow ENV setting to override timeout
        - ENV['GITLAB_RAILS_RACK_TIMEOUT'] for service_timeout
        - ENV['GITLAB_RAILS_WAIT_TIMEOUT'] for wait_timeout
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