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    IMPORTANT: print-general-metadata new name for print-copyright · 6e4ec9a3
    Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
     - Use the new name of this variable in your Makefiles.
     - In 'metadata.conf', remove fixed URL prefixes for DOIs
       ('https://doi.org/') or arXiv ('https://arxiv.org/abs').
    Until now, the Make variable that would print the general metadata (of
    whole project) into each to-be-published dataset was called
    'print-copyright'! But it now does much more than simply printing the
    copyright, it will also print a lot of metadata like arXiv ID, Zenodo DOI
    and etc into plain-text outputs. The out-dated name could thus be
    misleading and cause confusions.
    With this commit, the variable is therefore called
    'print-general-metadata'. After merging your project with the Maneage
    branch, please replace any usage of 'print-copyright' to
    Also with this commit, 'README-hacking.md' mentions 'metadata.conf' and
    'print-general-metadata' in the "Publication checklist" section and reminds
    you to keep the first up to date, and use the second in your
    to-be-published datasets.
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