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    Copyright years: updated to 2023, accompanied by some minor fixes · 644a236b
    Mohammad Akhlaghi authored
    SUMMARY: just house-cleaning, no need to do anything major in your
    branch. Just update the copyright years in files that you have added.
    Until now, the latest copyright years of the whole Maneage source code was
    2022! As of this commit, we have already moved to 2023 for 5 months!
    Furthermore, there were a few other minor issues that needed correction:
     - The URL to download input datasets wasn't quoted in '' or
       the download script! As a result, when the input URL had characters that
       are meaningful to the shell (like '&'), the download command would not
     - The only program that had 'make check' in the '' programs was
       MPFR. At that stage, we still haven't built our own compiler at this
       stage, this is not accurate.
     - The 'pyerfa' and 'extension-helpers' packages in Python need
       'setuptools_scm' on some systems. But until now, it was not in the list
       of their prerequisites.
    With this commit, all the issues above have been corrected.