Issue tracker and wiki for the xfce4-devel unofficial user repository


The xfce4-devel unofficial user repository contains pre-compiled Xfce4 development package releases using the AUR PKGBUILDs.

It currently supports two architectures: x86_64 and aarch64.

Package repository

To add the repository to your Arch system add the following to /etc/pacman.conf:

Server =$repo/$arch

Delayed-update distros are not supported.

Package signing

Packages are signed. You will need to import key ID 76C6E477042BFE985CC220BD9C08A255442FAFF0, for example:

sudo pacman-key --keyserver hkps:// --recv-key 76C6E477042BFE985CC220BD9C08A255442FAFF0
sudo pacman-key --lsign 76C6E477042BFE985CC220BD9C08A255442FAFF0

Update cadence

All repositories have a number of cadences with different frequencies of changes:

  • current (Arch mirror)
  • daily (updated once per day)
  • daily-deferred (yesterday's daily)
  • weekly (updated on Tuesday each week)
  • weekly-deferred (last week's weekly)

If you use the main m2x repo mirror make sure to match the cadences between repositories. Bad things will happen otherwise.