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[JsLIGO] Allow parenthesised type expressions as summands of sum types ("discriminated union")

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Motivation and Context

For testing the new sum types, it is useful for the concrete syntax to allow parentheses of summands.

type t = {a: "A"} | ({b: "B"} | {c: "C"}); 


In fact, the MR allows general union types in the front-end:

type t = int | ["A"] | ["B", string]

and the rest of the pipeline will filter some.

In fact, the parser does not produce T_Sum nodes directly. Instead, the semantic actions of the new union types filters the unions that could be interpreted as sum types and produce those nodes. This is of course a hack, and, in the future, the node T_Sum should be removed entirely.

One incompatibility is now the case

type t = ["A",int] 

which is parsed now as an array type instead of a sum type. For a sum type, the variant needs to be introduced by a vertical bar, like so:

type t = | ["A", int]


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