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Draft: Xavierm02/discriminating unions

Xavier Montillet requested to merge xavierm02/discriminating-unions into dev

Motivation and Context


const f = (_x: int) => {
  switch ("int") {
    case "int": return 1;
  return 0;

const entry = (p: nat, s: int): [list<operation>, int] => {
  let result = f(p + s);
  return [list([]), result];

yields a Michelson program containing PUSH string "int" ; PUSH string "int" ; COMPARE ; while one might expect the backend to precompute that.


  • Can't have E_union_accessor because the coercions to the lub can't be stored, so we transform it into a match where we can immediately apply these coercions

Context.tapply ?


  • compiler
  • website
  • webide
  • vscode-plugin
  • debugger

Types of changes

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  • If a new syntax has been introduced, put a message on slack ligo-lsp
  • Changes follow the existing coding style (use dune @fmt to check).
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