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[#1675] Add module signatures on hover

Leonid Vasilev requested to merge dk318/#1675-module-signatures-on-hover into dev

Motivation and Context


Right now there is a (* ... *) placeholder for module signatures on hover. Let's fill it with the right signature.


Propagate signatures like types inside types pass in the scopes module. Decompile these Ast_typed.signature and use pretty printers to show them to the user.

Related issues

Resolves #1675 (closed) .

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Added signatures for modules on hovering. They're displayed like:

module Bytes : sig
  val concats : bytes list -> bytes

  val pack : a -> bytes

  val unpack : bytes -> a option

  val length : bytes -> nat

  val concat : bytes -> bytes -> bytes

  val sub : nat -> nat -> bytes -> bytes



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