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[JsLIGO] Removal of automatic insertion of vertical bars in type expressions

Christian Rinderknecht requested to merge rinderknecht@vbar into dev

Motivation and Context


In order to avoid a shift/reduce in the parser of JsLIGO, a heuristic was used (as a self-pass on the tokens) to inject vertical bars in front of what looks like a variant type expression. Unfortunately, the heuristic is not complete and the pretty-printer does not output leading vertical bars and the result sometimes fail to parse (as the heuristic is incomplete and fails to insert a bar).

The heart of the LR conflict is this. A string is allowed as a type to guide the compilation to Michelson, for instance, with sapling or layout. The case ["C"] creates a shift/reduce conflict because the LR algorithm cannot distinguish a variant type with a constant constructor C from a type tuple (that is, an array of type expressions) containing the special type "C".

In this MR, we propose to remove the heuristic and forbid the first component of a type tuple to be a string. While this is in theory a breaking change, the uses of those types (sapling, layout) rely on a string as a type after another component type, therefore not as the first component in a tuple (array).


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Types of changes

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  • Changes follow the existing coding style (use dune @fmt to check).
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  • Documentation has been updated.
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