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Support `[%of_file]` and string code injection in `[%michelson]`

E. Rivas requested to merge er433/literal/of_string into dev

Motivation and Context

We are discussing removing the preprocessor. One of the (ab)uses of the preprocessor was to include a .tz file in the middle of a Michelson embedding with a CREATE_CONTRACT:

    [%Michelson ( {| { 
            UNPAIR ;
            UNPAIR ;
#include "generic_fa2/compiled/"  
            PAIR } |}
              : lambda_create_contract)]


In this MR we add two things in order to prevent this hack:

  • An injection [%of_file "foo.txt"] that pastes the contents of foo.txt as a verbatim string in that place.
  • A helper for [%michelson] of the form codestr that allows to embed Michelson argument.

We could write an embedding like that above as:

[%michelson ({| { PUSH unit Unit ; PUSH mutez 300000000 ; NONE key_hash ; CREATE_CONTRACT (codestr $0) ; PAIR } |} [%of_file "./interpreter_tests/contract_under_test/"] : operation * address)]


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  • webide
  • vscode-plugin
  • debugger

Types of changes

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  • None (change with no changelog)



  • Changes follow the existing coding style (use dune @fmt to check).
  • Tests for the changes have been added (for bug fixes / feature).
  • Documentation has been updated.
  • Changelog description has been added (if appropriate).
  • Start titles under ## Changelog section with #### (if appropriate).
  • There is no image or uploaded file in changelog
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