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Upgrade LIGO to Ithaca

Melwyn Saldanha requested to merge protocol/ithaca into dev

NEW PROTOCOL COMING changelog: We need to :

  • make --protocol hangzhou by default and remove --protocol edo (which should have been renamed to florence but I forgot ; which should have been removed months ago but I forgot : )

  • decide what to do about the hangzhou specific page (re-integrate everything in the doc and keep it ? re-integrate and remove ? re-integrate and create a new one for ithaca ?)

    • New section for protocol updates (Hangzhou & Ithaca)
    • Integrate Types & fns from Hanghou into Tezos
  • we need to take care of tezos-ligo

  • support new ithaca stuff !

    • support SUB_MUTEZ
    • support
    • update docs about - on tez
    • update docs about the Option module (unopt, unopt_with_error, map)
  • Update signature for Test.originate_from_file

  • Update docs related view's being allowed only at top-level

  • Make CI green

  • has a changelog entry

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