Test framework: work on unsupported primitives

Merged E. Rivas requested to merge er433/test/constants into dev

A number of primitives are not supported by the testing framework. This MR:

  1. Re-organises cases, so that it is explicit which constants are unsupported.
  2. Adds support for Crypto primitives.
  3. Adds support for Option.unopt/Option.unopt_with_error.
  4. Removes the C_HASH/C_TEST_MUTATE_COUNT operation from code base (not used).
  5. Removes unused Get_big_map/Mem_big_map from interpreter.
  6. Adds support for C_ADD/C_MUL/C_INT/C_NEG for bls12_381_g1/g2/fr in interpreter.
  7. Adds support for C_PAIRING_CHECK in interpreter.
  8. Closes #1332 (closed) (bug on Set.remove).
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