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    Add basic driver for the Cloud-Hypervisor · 56fbabf1
    William Douglas authored and Daniel P. Berrangé's avatar Daniel P. Berrangé committed
    Cloud-Hypervisor is a KVM virtualization using hypervisor. It
    functions similarly to qemu and the libvirt Cloud-Hypervisor driver
    uses a very similar structure to the libvirt driver.
    The biggest difference from the libvirt perspective is that the
    "monitor" socket is seperated into two sockets one that commands are
    issued to and one that events are notified from. The current
    implementation only uses the command socket (running over a REST API
    with json encoded data) with future changes to add support for the
    event socket (to better handle shutdowns from inside the VM).
    This patch adds support for the following initial VM actions using the
    Cloud-Hypervsior API:
     * vm.create
     * vm.delete
     * vm.boot
     * vm.shutdown
     * vm.reboot
     * vm.pause
     * vm.resume
    To use the Cloud-Hypervisor driver, the v15.0 release of
    Cloud-Hypervisor is required to be installed.
    Some additional notes:
     * The curl handle is persistent but not useful to detect ch process
     shutdown/crash (a fu...