Libvirt Python Binding README

This package provides a python binding to the libvirt.so,
libvirt-qemu.so and libvirt-lxc.so library APIs.

It is written to build against any version of libvirt that
is 0.9.11 or newer.

This code is distributed under the terms of the LGPL version
2 or later.

The module can be built by following the normal python module
build process

  python setup.py build
  sudo python setup.py install

or to install as non-root

  python setup.py build
  python setup.py install --user

If python-nose is installed, you can test the package with

  python setup.py test

A makefile shim is provided so that you can do

  make && make check

rather than directly invoking setup.py.

As of libvirt 1.2.6, it is possible to develop against an uninstalled
libvirt.git checkout, by setting PKG_CONFIG_PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH
environment variables to point into that libvirt tree; you can even
automate this by using libvirt's run script:

  /path/to/libvirt/run python setup.py build

Patches for this code should be sent to the main libvirt
development mailing list


To send patches, it is strongly recommended to use the
'git send-email' command.

Make sure the mails mention that the patch is for the python
binding. This can be done by setting a config parameter in the
local git checkout

  git config format.subjectprefix "PATCH python"