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Windows Archived

LibreWolf Issue Tracker & Update Tools 🚀

Welcome to the LibreWolf for Windows repository! This repository is now dedicated to the Issue Tracker. Submit your issues and get the latest updates on LibreWolf for Windows.

To download the latest release, visit the official LibreWolf release page. For installation options, check out the FAQ.

Update Tools 🛠

Stay secure and up-to-date with these LibreWolf update tools:

  1. LibreWolf WinUpdater: Kudos to @ltguillaume for this automatic updater that can be set up to update LibreWolf automatically or run manually.

  2. LibreWolf Update Checker Extension: Created by Defkev, this extension will notify you when an update is available and guide you to the download link.

Please note: The updater can install updates automatically, while the extension can only check for updates.

LibreWolf for Windows 🖥

  • LibreWolf supports multiple UI languages, available in settings.
  • The latest release is self-contained and can be run on removable storage.

Issue Tracker 🎫

Building from Source 🏗

  • Our bsys build system supports cross-compiling from Linux to Windows. Building the Windows version from within Windows is not tested yet.
  • The build system can be found here: bsys6.