The Type Issue — January 2015 Issue 2.3 of the Libre Graphics magazine Guest editor: Manuel Schmalstieg

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The Type Issue, Issue 2.3


  • Guesting/journeying, ginger coons — Editor's letter
  • Type etc., Manuel Schmalstieg — Guest editor's letter
  • Typographic VagrancyNotebook
  • New Releases
  • Moving kinetic typography, Antonio Roberts — Column
  • Friendlier forks, Eric Schrijver — Column
  • Building Cyrillic fonts together, Alexei Vanyashin — Dispatch
  • Forging foundries, Ana Isabel Carvalho and Ricardo Lafuente — Dispatch
  • Feeling design through type, ginger coons — Dispatch
  • 0xA000 font family, Øyvind Kolås — Showcase
  • The Screenless Office, Brendan Howell — Showcase
  • Libre type foundry atlas, Frank Adebiaye — Showcase
  • Pirate Party identity and PPPoster, Samuel Rivers-Moore — Showcase
  • Small & Useful
  • Best of type collectionsBest of
  • Before webfonts, Julien Deswaef — Feature
  • The League of Movable Type—an interviewInterview
  • CapturingCall for submissions
  • Specimen, Loraine Furter — Feature
  • Resources & Glossary


The Type Issue — January 2015
Issue 2.3, Libre Graphics Magazine
ISSN: 1925-1416

Editorial Team:

Copy editor:
Margaret Burnett

ginger coons

Community Board:
Dave Crossland, Louis Desjardins, Aymeric Mansoux, Alexandre Prokoudine, Femke Snelting


Printed in Brussels by Gillis on recycled paper.

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (CC BY-SA).
All content should be attributed to its individual author.
All content without a stated author can be credited to Libre Graphics Magazine.

Write to us at enquiries@libregraphicsmag.com
Our repositories with all source material for the magazine can be found at https://gitlab.com/libregraphicsmag

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Repository structure

This repository contains the files used to make issue 2.3 of Libre Graphics Magazine.
Some of the files used in this issue can be found at Persistent, a repository that contains reusable assets such as the magazine logo, columnist photos, procedures and procedures.

  • Assets folder: contains all the visual assets used in this issue, organised by article. Here you'll find bitmap images, vector files and ads.
  • Layout folder: Scribus layout document.
  • Text: one .TXT file for each article. This folder is subdivided in:
    • preedit: article received, first version, without edits.
    • firsedit: articles after the first edit.
    • secondedit: articles after the second edit.
    • final: final version of the articles published.
  • Files in the root of the repository: call for submissions for this issue; credits for the all the images used in this issue; glossary; running order and index.

Attribution and Licenses of individual files

Images under a CC Attribution-ShareAlike license: Cover, back cover and inside covers by Manufactura Independente.
Photo of ginger coons by herself.
Photo of Manuel Schmalstieg by Sedat Adiyaman.
Photo of Antonio Roberts by Emily Davies.
Photo of Eric Schrijver by himself.
Illustration for Friendlier forks column is based on this image by Flickr user fdctsevilla.
All images in the Showcase section can be attributed to the creators mentioned therein. All are licensed CC BY-SA.

Images and assets under other licenses:
Illustration for Moving kinetic typography column is under a CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication license and can be found here
Illustration for the Libre Foundry Map by Manufactura Independente, based in 30 Largest Infrared Galaxies with Labels, under the Public Domain.

Fonts used in the Libre type foundry Atlas:

  • Lil Grotesk by Bastien Sozeau, A - B Foundry, under the OFL.
  • Amsterdam by Jarrik Muller, Citype, under CC BY-SA 3.0
  • Lora by Olga Karpushina, Cyreal type foundry, under the OFL
  • QumpellkaNo12 by Grzegorz Luk, Glukfonts, under the OFL
  • Playfair Display by Claus Eggers Sørensen, Google Fonts, under the OFL
  • GFS Bodoni by George Matthiopoulos, gfs, under the OFL
  • Alegreya Sans by Juan Pablo del Peral, Huerta Tipográfica, under the OFL
  • Antykwa Półtawskiego by Janusz Marian Nowacki, under the OFL
  • Kontrapunkt Bob, Kontrapunkt, under CC BY-SA 3.0
  • Ostrich Sans by Tyler Finck, The League of Moveable Type, under the OFL
  • Unna by Jorge de Buen, Omnibus Type, under the OFL
  • Lavoir by Alex Chavot, under the OFL
  • Reglo by Sebastien Sanfilippo, OSP Foundry, under the OFL
  • Serreria Extravagante by the participants of the From Stone to Spaceship workshop (Medialab Prado, July 2012), Oxshark Fontworks, under the OFL
  • Egypt 22 by Ivan Kostynyk, Practice Foundry, under the OFL
  • Gentium by Victor Gaultney, SIL, under the OFL
  • BizMeud by Quentin Bodin and Jil Daniel, Velvetyne Type Foundry, under the OFL

Advertisements, with the exception of those representing Libre Graphics Magazine, are not necessarily covered by the blanket CC BY-SA license.
It is best to check with the projects they represent before reusing them.