LENS is alpha-quality software and should not be used anywhere near a production environment.

  • Improved: General code cleanup (thanks to @ljcode).
  • Improved: LENS code is now in Rust standard style (thanks to @ljcode).
  • Improved: The syscalls library is now based on (a version of) the third-party sc crate, which should improve architecture portability beyond x86_64 (thanks to @ljcode).
  • Improved: The monolithic coreapi crate has been broken up into five smaller libraries.
  • Improved: It should now be easier to build "hybrid" LENS programs that use libc and libstd from another Linux-based operating system. This should in turn make Cargo testing easier.
  • Added: Object flows and the postcardflows library, which implements them on top of packet flows using the third-party postcard crate.

The following LENS component versions are included in this release:

Component Version
lens_system 0.1.1
lens_flows 0.1.0
lens_process 0.1.1
lens_files 0.1.0
lens_messenger 0.1.1
postcardflows 0.2.1
syscalls 0.4.0
runtime 0.4.1
shell 0.2.1
msgdemo_client 0.3.1
msgdemo_server 0.3.1
hello 0.2.1

x86_64 CI build (A download button is available to the right of the "build" job.)