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add (sensor_audio): IM73D122

Privacy Fan requested to merge uliagene/kicad-symbols:im73d122 into master

add (sensor_audio): IM73D122

new microphone IM73D122 derived from IM69D120


  • Remove the instructional content of this template
  • Provide a URL to a datasheet for the symbol(s) you are contributing
  • An example screenshot image is very helpful
  • Ensure that the associated footprints match the official footprint library
    • A new fitting footprint must be submitted if the library does not yet contain one.

The new microphone uses a new version of the package ver 3 vs. ver 1. The only difference is in the stencil aperture which now has recommended angle of 52° instead of 52.471°. Unfortunately the footprint is super complex and I don't think I can modify it. It says it was generated with StepUp, with which I am not familiar.

  • If there are matching footprint PRs, provide link(s) as appropriate
  • Check the output of the automated check scripts - fix any errors as required
  • Give a reason behind any intentional library convention rule violation.
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