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QFN: Update QFN pin 1 silkscreen from 'SiliconLabs...' onwards

John Beard requested to merge johnbeard/kicad-footprints:qfn_pin1_silk2 into master

Update all QFNs from SiliconLabs... to the end of the library (as ordered in the library browser) (part of #2637) - following part to !3504 (merged)

Quite a few have had minor tweaks to line thicknesses and positions relative to the fab layer, and 0.2mm clearance tweaks.


image.png image.png

The "weirdest" one is probably these ones, where I chose to put the arrow on the other side of pin 1 and face left to emphasise that the numbering still goes anticlockwise:


KLC violation - all existing

  • F9.3 - some 3D model paths seem not to match, but this seems intentional
  • F9.2 - some parts have solder mask overrides
  • F6.3 - many parts don't have rounded pads
  • F6.3 - some layer warnings/errors on EPs - some are errors because the geometry checks don't support rounded pads yet
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